Fidelity Guarantee

URIIC’s uniquely designed policy is specially developed to protect employers from different exposures.

Despite the best internal control measures in any corporate activity, mishaps like misappropriation and embezzlements by employees do take place. URIIC’s uniquely designed “Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy” is specially developed to protect employers from such exposures.

Employers should consider the following points while opting for Fidelity Guarantee Insurance.

- Number of employees handling cash, valuables or stocks & bonds
- Limits of exposures
- Employees’ status and credibility

The policy covers any loss caused due to any act(s) of forgery or embezzlement, larceny &and/or fraudulent conversion committed by an employee in the course of their duties.

The premium rate applied is on “Per Mille” basis (for every thousand units) on the aggregate limit of indemnity in addition to per capita.