Your key to house safety is one insurance away!

At UR Insurance, we deeply care about your home. We offer comprehensive coverage and dedicated support to protect your house, ensuring your peace of mind. Your home’s safety is our priority.


Benefits of house insurance:

Safeguard your home with confidence through our comprehensive house insurance. We've got your residence covered, whether it's for your primary dwelling or a vacation property. Our policies provide security, convenience, and dependability, allowing you to focus on the comfort of your home, knowing it's in safe hands. Choose the ideal coverage for your home today!

House Fire

Includes coverage of damages done to the house and/or properties due to fire.

Natural Disaster

We cover the losses caused by natural disasters. Such as earthquakes, storms, etc.

House/key Theft

We cover the cost of properties that have been stolen. Also we offer changing all the house keys and locks incase a key was stolen.

Accidental Damage

Any damage that was caused by an accident will be covered by our insurance plan.