General Accident Insurance

Our General Accident Insurance portfolio offers comprehensive protection for your business assets, covering money, employee fidelity, personal accidents, and more. We safeguard your monetary assets, mitigate employee-related losses, provide accident coverage for your employees, and cater to the specific needs of financial institutions and jewelers, protecting your inventory.


Our products within this segment include:

This policy is designed to cover money against loss, destruction or damage whilst being kept in safe or in a strongroom by housebreaking or burglary or by hold-up. This policy also covers money whilst in transit under the custody of your employees from your premises until arrival at the place of disbursement

This policy is designed to cover loss directly sustained by your company resulting from forgery or embezzlement, larceny or

fraudulent conversion of money or goods belonging to your company by your Employees. Normally, employees handling cash, accounts, and inventory are covered under this policy

This policy offers worldwide coverage for your employees on a 24-hour basis against death or bodily injury resulting from an accident. The compensation provided is based on the sum insured selected by the Company in respect of the life assured at the time of policy inception

Bankers Blanket is a package policy designed for financial institutions like banks, exchange companies, etc. This policy offers cover under various sections, which include infidelity by employees, loss of cash in premises & while in transit, loss by forgery and counterfeit currency, etc….

Jewellers Block is a package policy designed for jewellers and this policy covers loss of merchandise on premises within and outside the vault during business hours & while in transit