Our Management


Mr. Eziden Barwary

Executive Chairman of URIIC, is a distinguished business leader celebrated for his outstanding achievements. His visionary leadership has propelled URIIC to remarkable success, solidifying his reputation as a great businessman with a profound impact on the industry.

Mr. Bassam Chilmeran

A prominent insurance expert in the region, he serves as the General Manager of Al Wathba National Insurance Company in the UAE. He is also a co-founder and board member of Vision Insurance Oman, Ur International Insurance in Iraq, and Sanad Insurance Brokers in Jordan. Additionally, he chairs the Reinsurance Sub-Committee at the Emirates Insurance Association and is a member of the AWRIS Technical Committee.


Established in 1997, AWNIC is a leading UAE national company headquartered in Abu Dhabi. With branches in Dubai, Sharjah, and Al Ain, our extensive service network aims to provide exceptional customer satisfaction. We underwrite a comprehensive range of general insurance products, making us a top choice for diverse risk coverage in the UAE market.


Bankers is a comprehensive insurer founded in 1972 by Maurice Karaoglan and Saba Nader, industry pioneers in the Middle East. We offer tailored insurance and financial solutions, including term life coverage, to meet both personal and business requirements. With over 40 years of history, we are your one-stop insurance and financial planning partner.


Founded in 1996, we’ve swiftly become a prominent and diversified Middle East group. Our tightly integrated global enterprise spans various industries such as Manufacturing, Construction, Hotels, Retail, Distribution, and Information Technology. In Iraq, we’ve established thriving enterprises that are now household names in the local market.

Mr. Thair Al-Dulaimi

An esteemed Iraqi businessman and prominent industrialist, he boasts a diverse portfolio of successful ventures. Notably, he is associated with the Granada Hotel in Amman, Jordan, and holds a significant stake in Fariha Motors, a thriving enterprise in Iraq, among other notable business interests. The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in his family’s heritage, as they are the pioneering founders of Iraq’s primary transportation companies, a legacy that spans back to the 1930s.


Mr. Baqi Mohammed


Mr. Sader Al-deen Kamal


Dara Jalil Al-Khayat

A prominent Iraqi businessman, he holds key positions as the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the Kurdistan region and Chairman of the Board for both the Rehab Company and Al Khayat Group of Companies. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Science, his diverse business interests encompass construction projects, general trading, transportation, public relations, and administration. His multifaceted expertise is instrumental in the success of these enterprises.