Your health matters to us just as much as it matters to you!

At UR Insurance, your well-being is our top concern. We’re committed to providing you with the right coverage and support to ensure your health and peace of mind.

Benefits of health insurance:

Find serenity in the realm of healthcare with our robust medical insurance. We're here to safeguard your well-being, whether it's for routine check-ups or unexpected medical challenges. Our plans deliver security, ease, and trust, allowing you to concentrate on your health journey, assured that you're in capable hands. Choose the perfect coverage for your medical needs today!

Loss of Belongings

This includes Baggage, Money, Passport, or other belongings.

Delayed Departure

Get compensated for any delay in your flight's departure.

Medical Emergencies

Get insurance coverage for your medical emergencies in-flight & during trip

Delayed Luggage

Get compensated for any delay in your luggage or baggage.